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bodEze® Body Sugaring Gel Instructions

Natural Hair Removal, Easy as 1-2-3

1. Apply a thin coat of gel in the direction of hair growth.

2. Place strip over gel and press firmly down in direction of hair growth.

3. Hold skin taut and pull strip off in one quick action, in the direction OPPOSITE to hair growth.


Refer to the instruction leaflet that comes with the product. This page only highlights best practices. You must read the safety and warming instructions in the leaflet.

Never overheat the gel and always test the temperature after stirring well, by putting a small quantity on the inside of the wrist to ensure that it is comfortably warm.

Use the exfoliating bar and cool water to wash off any moisturizers, make up and/or perspiration before body sugaring. Dry the skin thoroughly with a towel. A light dusting of talcum powder may be used on a hot day or on skin that is prone to perspire - this absorbs the perspiration.

Always work in small sections - narrower and smaller than a single removal strip.

Stir the gel after heating to obtain a uniform consistency.

Using a uniform, even pressure apply a thin, even coat of the gel in the direction of the hair growth. DO NOT paint it on using foward and backward motions. Typically the layer of gel is so fine and uniform that you can see the skin and hair easily through the gel.

Place a bodEze hair removal strip over the gel and rub it down FIRMLY in the direction of hair growth. The strip may be rubbed down a number of times but always in the direction of hair growth. DO NOT rub it fowards and backwards.

Holding the skin taut with one hand (or tightening the muscles) grip the bottom end of the strip.

Using A SINGLE DECISIVE movement pull the strip BACK (not merely UPWARDS) along the skin and against the direction of hair growth.

If the gel cools and is getting difficult to spread, reheat according to the safety and warming instructions.

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