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Hair removal FAQ

Doesn’t the body sugaring method consume much more time than shaving?

No. As an example: Shaving your lower half of you legs could be achieved in about four minutes. Once you master the body sugaring technique it will take you between 10 to 15 minutes.

When you consider that the interval time between hair removal sessions is typically one to two days for shaving and four to six weeks for body sugaring, then, over a period of four weeks, the time spent on shaving is 68 minutes compared to 15 minutes for sugaring.

Therefore it is only a perception that shaving is less time consuming.

Why not a cold gel?

A warm gel is not only soothing and easier to apply but it also open the pores, allowing removal from the follicle. This reduces the risk of ingrown hair and makes the removal of the hair follicles easier and less painful. Most 'cold' gels have fine print instructions about heating the product to improve spread ability, especially in colder climates.

Could the warm gel burn?

The gel needs to be only slightly above the body temperature to spread easily and so requires very little heating. A simple solution is to follow the instructions - typically heating the product for no more than 15 seconds at a time in a microwave oven.

What are razor bumps?

Hair normally has a tapered tip. Shaving slices this tip from the hair shaft so the hair that grows thereafter feel bristly. As the sharp hair tip now begins to re-grow, there is a risk that it can curl back and penetrates the skin surrounding the follicle. Inflammation and irritation can result. This is commonly referred to as 'razor bumps'.

Shaving against the direction of hair growth gives a much closer shave. However many dermatologists warn that shaving against the hair growth can cause ingrown hair and irritation and it can make the skin sore and sensitive (razor burn).

While shaving may seem like a quick and inexpensive approach to hair removal, the prickly stubble quickly reappears. There is also the risk of cuts and nicks to the skin and of razor bumps and razor burn.

What is ingrown hair?

Skin has a natural tendency to close up and cover up open pores. With almost any hair removal method, there is a chance that the new hair that grows may not be able to penetrate through this fine layer of skin that may have formed over the pore. This causes the hair to bend and grow just below the surface of this fine skin, a condition commonly referred to as ingrown hair.

Can ingrown hair occur with methods like body sugaring?

If the strip is not pulled off correctly, it can cause hair breakages midway through the hair stem which can cause ingrown hair. For women who may have shaved for many years, it may take up to three treatments to undo the skins natural reaction to shaving - to close over and heal itself, thereby causing ingrown hair.

Exfoliating the skin regularly with an exfoliating bar and loofah will not only take care of dry skin but ingrown hairs as well.

Will I have to grow all the hair back to use the gel again?

Once you use the gel it will take six to eight weeks for the hair follicles to grow back again. Typically after four weeks the area where the hair is removed will begin to look slightly untidy. Between four to six weeks is when most people would need to use the gel again.

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