When it comes to quality you wouldn't compromise - and neither would we!

The bodEze® hair removal gels have been made with the finest of natural New Zealand ingredients and under the strictest of quality processes. With extended stability testing, stringent independant testing and extensive user acceptance testing, the product is designed to deliver where others have failed.

Made in New Zealand, the product reassures the discerning user of an uncompromising commitment to total quality.


"'Sugaring' is one of the most ancient methods of hair removal that probably initially involved using a substance like honey but has evolved over the years.

"bodEze®Sugaring Gel is made in New Zealand and a completely natural product. The key ingredients are kiwifruit to hydrate and clear the skin, lemon juice for it's astringent and anti-bacterial properties and aloe vera to soothe.

"I must admit, I'm not really into subjecting my body to unnecessary pain, so tend to avoid waxing-type hair removal scenarios. Actually, it could be because in the past I have attempted to use a similar type hair removal product and I'm not sure if I was doing it wrong or what but it nearly hurt as much to apply the stuff as it did to take it off!

"So you see, I was feeling a little nervous about testing out this product, but after reading that 'sugaring' is four times less painful than regular waxing and as I forget to shave my legs half the time anyway I thought this product was worth a try!

"Well, for starters, I have to say it didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would - in fact, once I got into the swing of things it didn't really hurt a lot at all! After heating the product in the microwave to warm it up it was easy to apply it to my skin, and not a lot of mess and stickiness like I though it would be (any residual gel easily wiped off with a damp cloth). In terms of effectiveness the gel worked extremely well at removing the hair on my legs and I didn't end up with a horrible rash or anything like that either. My legs remained relatively hair-free for about 4 weeks and even then when it grew back it didn't seem as thick and 'spikey' as it does after shaving. The product also smells delicious, like kiwifruit. which is a plus too. The wax strips are also reusable (the wax easily washes off with warm water).

"I am really glad I gave this hair removal product and method a go and I will definitely keep it up. Shaving's easy, but it really only looks good for a day or two, this option appeals to me much more as it gives a smoother and far longer lasting effect. Impressed!"

Reviewed by ohnatural.co.nz

"bodEze® has revolutionised the way I look at hair removal. Enhanced with aloe vera, kiwifruit and lemon, bodEze® leaves my skin hair-free, smooth, enriched and moisturised. I would have to say bodEze® is the best product I have seen on the market."

Sharee Adams, Miss New Zealand '03/'04

"bodEze® is a New Zealand-made sugaring gel with added aloe vera and kiwifruit for skin nourishment. The key to a quick, almost flawless removal seems to be the non-porus strips (easily washable and reusable) and the fact that the sugar content grips firmly to hair but not to skin.

I would judge the pain level to be about one quarter of waxing with far less regrowth and fewer blocked follicles after one month. It's an excellent product to maintain smooth skin between competitions and can reduce the amount and thickness of regrowth over time."

Deb Bartlett, Beauty Writer

After initially being a little reluctant to try a product such as bodEze®, I was pleasantly suprised with the outcome. I have very sensitive skin and in the past have had reactions to several products that came into contact with my skin.

Using the product was easy and it also has a very yummy smell! My skin felt a little tingly immediately after removing the hair, but it settled down surprisingly quickly. The hair was completely removed and a smooth-looking finish was achieved.

I would recommend the use of this product to other bodybuilders - in fact to anyone wanting to find an effective way of hair removal.

Ali Gascoine, Body Builder

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